Manso River

Manso River: a river different!.
Its features

River that starts at the glaciers, at the foot of Mount Tronador. It begins from the glaciers Manso and Castaño Overo with typical cordillera characteristics. Along most of its way you can enjoy the the beauties of a Andean - Patagonian forest and valdivian jungle.

Its waters fill the lakes of Mascardi, Los Moscos, Hess and Steffen. These lakes divide the river in three sections: superior, middle and inferior. It has some important waterfalls like Los Alerces at its middle section called Manso Medio. This river thanks to geological cuts starts in Argentina but flows to Chile joining with Puelo river continuing its way through Tagua - Tagua lake to the Pacific ocean at Reloncavi bay at the Ancud gulf.

The lower section, Manso Inferior, is a class III river ( from Steffen lake - to old Villegas sawmill), it is known by the valdivian wild forest and particularly by its beautiful sightseeing spots with some rapids that will thrill our emotions when rafting through them. It has also parts of still waters and ponds where you may enjoy swimming.

The lower section Manso Inferior to the Frontier (Chilean border) is class III/IV, it gets more exiting as the river gets into a canyon and drops quicker as it flows to the Pacific. It has the same scenic beauty as the first part but with a special adding of rapids that will make you flow much more adrenaline.

Consult with your insurance agent and get the best travel insurance coverage possible before embarking on adventure sports like whitewater river rafting and exploring the natural beauty of the Manso river in Patagonia Argentina. Risks are always involved in whitewater rafter and aside from outfitting you and your party with the best available safety gear, good insurance coverage covers any eventualities so you can put your mind at ease and focus on having a wonderful time whitewater rafting on the rapids of the Manso river.

Manso River

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