OUR Staff

Expert Guides Rafting.
Selected for their human value, friendliness and good humor.

The rafting excursions are meant to be enjoyed every single minute. So we put and extra stress on service excellence and that it reflects throughout the whole excursion: from the transfer service to the exquisite meals we serve at the rafting excursions.

We know that the 'main course' of our excursion is the entertainment. So our guides were selected not only by their technical skills but also by their human values, kindness, good mood and good sense of humor.

They are responsible to create a friendly and relax atmosphere, the ideal combination to highly enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Jacques Zwobada

40 years old, born in Bariloche since ´89 professional rafting guide. In ´95 funded with his brother Antoine Aguas Blancas commands a team which main virtue is working together as one that why we say that we really paddle for you.

Antoine Zwobada

He was born in Bariloche on December 19, 1966. He has been a ski instructor since 1983. From 1995, he runs Aguas Blancas together with Jacques. He is in charge of the company logistics and marketing. He pays attention to every single thing for you to be pleased.

Alex Poulsen

He was born in Tres Arroyos on September 29, 1960. He adopted Bariloche as his own home town and nowadays he is one of the pioneers of rafting in the region. His wisdom for tourism is fascinating and adds an extra touch to the excursion. Don’t miss his delicious paté.

Juan Pérez

He was born in Bariloche on February 2, 1076. He has been a professional Tour Guide since 1993. He has been working for us for eight years. He is a very joyful person who gives a lot of fun and to the group, we call him “the delight of the house”. He has also worked as a rafting and kayaking guide in Spain for two seasons. He speaks English, too.

Pablo Camargo

He was born in Palermo, Buenos Aires on December 20, 1968. He is a psychologist and a professional guide since 1998. From then, he has been working for us. In Winter he is one of our skiing coordinators. He is good fun and creative. He also pays attention to every detail of the service.

Lucio Soriani

He was born in Bariloche. He is 31 years old. His nickname is “El Pato”. He has been a professional guide since 1994. He has been working for us since 2000. He loves kayaking and pretty girls. He is “the renegade” of the group.

Pedro Echevarría

He was born in Entre Ríos on March 22 1975. He loves water. He has been a professional guide since 2000 and has worked for us since 2002. He is also a professional fishing guide. He has worked in Alaska and speaks English fluently.

NICO Maciel

He was born in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires on November 3, 1981. He is the youngest one of the Staff. Very kind and nice person. He has been a guide since 2003. He is also a Physical Education Teacher and speaks English fluently.

Carlos Navarro, alias Pancho

He was born in Bariloche on January 31, 1976. His nickname is “Pancho”. He is a Physical Education Teacher and a guide since 2007. He is very talkative. Another valuable member of our Staff.

Malena Scotti

She was born in Bariloche on March 15, 1989. The youngest guide of the Staff. She is a very good partner. She loves water and open-air activities. In Winter she works as a ski instructor too. She speaks English fluently.

Pablo Passerieu

He was born in Buenos Aires on October 27, 1961. He is a professional photographer. He has always worked for Aguas Blancas. He is able to take the best action picture and the most creative portrait. A gentleman…

Andi Pérez

He was born in Bariloche on September 16, 1951. A highly experienced driver, talkative and careful, always kind and cordial. He provides his extra touch to the excursion!

Pablo Curlo

He was born in Mar de Ajo, Buenos Aires on December 11, 1972. He is that kind of driver who everybody wants to be driven by! A great person and an excellent driver.

Photos: Pablo Passerieu - Alex Zimermann y Gustavo Castro

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